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We are the National repair agent and technical advisers to Ilve cookers in the UK.
Ilve built all Britannia cookers between 1994 and 2013..
We also specialise in Rangemaster, Falcon, and Leisure range cooker repairs.
We only repair these makes, enabling us to carry all functional parts on our vans
to complete your repair first time.

We cover Birmingham, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, North Staffordshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Mid and South Wales, Bristol,Somerset and Avon, Wiltshire and Derbyshire. Please call for fixed price repair or complete service and safety check. Manufacturer trained engineers based in Midlands and the south carrying all functional spares for first visit completion. If you have a problem or just a query about your cooker, our phone line is open to 9pm. Or leave a message and we will call you back.

Tips and Advice


60cm to 90cm There is a video on our Facebook page

The seal can be fitted with the door in place.

1. Remove old seal, make sure all the hooks are removed.
2. Stretch the seal from the top left-hand side to the lower left-hand side.
3. Then across from the top left-hand side to the right-hand side.
4. Now fit the top centre clip.

5. From the bottom left side stretch the seal to the right-hand side and push in to the clip hole. If you are lucky it will drop in place. Do not worry if not, you can use a wooded spoon handle to push it in place. Then fit the centre clip.
6. Job done

30cm to 40cm
As above without the centre clip.

Now test your door.

Had your old seal snapped? = Seal Replaced
Had your seal split? = Seal Replaced

Is there excessive hot air escaping when using a fan setting, from oven door and can you push or wobble the door when it is closed? = See Below
Does the door drop lower than 90 degree, when fully open? = See Below

You may require new hinges and runners as the door is not closing correctly. If left the excessive hot air will eventually burn out or reduce reliability of the new seal, if the door is extremely loose it will damage the 9-function switch or create timer failure

If after fitting the door seal and your door is not as tight as you think it should be, you can book a service call for a new set of hinges and runners. If you live in our red area on our web site, we will give you £10 discount on our callout, if you mention Reference ‘Door seal Purchase’.
Darrell Atherton
If the induction hob has got badly marked, often the salts from water burn on and discolour the hob. If they are not wiped off immediately they can leave a cloudy residue, these can be problematic to remove.
*Wipe the hob surface with washing up dish cloth to remove any fat or grease on the glass surface.
*Use Active brands or astonish Ceramic Hob cleaner, I prefer the later from pound land and paste over the affected area. Keep moist for about 1 hour by adding water or more cleaner. Kitchen towel is the best thing to use
* polish off but keep adding cleaner to the affected area. It will not be easy if a cloudy finish has developed
*Finish off with Micro fibre cloth.
For general cleaning keep it reconditioned using hob cleaner to protect .
The best way to keep your glass window/door clear from all the burnt on grease is invest in a small scraper. Use the type with removable blades designed for fine window cleaning. use this to scrape off the brown residue and it will come off as dry brown powder, leaving the glass clear.

Soak in washing up water (as hot as possible) for 20 minutes. By the time you can comfortably put your hands in the water clean with a green backed sponge. Polish up with Brasso . If very dull try using car paint T cut products, finish with Brasso for a mirror finish.
The best advice I can give to keep these rings looking shiny- After cooking food which has splattered fat around the hob use a damp cloth and wipe off the residue whilst it is easy to remove. The main reason for this is as soon as the burners are lit for the next time the invisible fat residue turns into dark burnt on carbon, this is what is then much more difficult to remove and needs all the hard work. Avoid this hard work with a simple clean up at the time of cooking as you are washing the dishes
Over a period of time particularly if roasting the inner glass door gets very greasy and baked on. The best thing is to try to sponge down the glass with washing up water whilst it is warm and the grease isn’t so hard.
If left ceramic hob cleaner will remove baked on grease, apply with a wet cloth, keep it moist with cleaner, leave a few minutes before rubbing off. Buff up with an E cloth to get a good shine. You can use a sharp scraper to remove any heavy built on grease.